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Forced To Foreign Nationality

All UK Union Jack Flags were vertically inverted (= upside-down) on Brexit Day 2020-01-31, & remain so on all Berklix domains.

Flag inversion is a centuries old recognised distress signal, eg:

  • British flag, seen in a Khyber Pass fort centuries ago.
    (A British relief column marching to relieve a besieged fort flying an upside down Union Jack, recognised natives had already captured the fort & were attempting to lure them in to slaughter. The officers warned the men to pretend they were expecting friendly welcome, but to actually fight to kill.)
  • In Hawaii now
Flags Inverted as distress signal after the thieving lieing British government stole votes from millions of British abroad, denying a vote to 3/4 million British resident in the EU, pushing them unwillingly to adopt foreign nationality for protection / asylum Against British government abuse.

Flag flown inverted (with an EU flag too) at Pulse of Europe, Munich, 2020-02-02

Seems likely there won't even be a _United_ Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland to need a flag in a while, just a little England & maybe Wales, as Johnson & Brexiteer cronies cause so much revulsion, first Scotland will leave, then Northern Ireland. Looking at the chaos of Brexit after 40 years of EU Union , How much chaos to expect after the UK union of 40O years ?

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